Artificial Slope Results 2016

Please note that all published results are subject to verification against the copy signed by the TD
and the approval for seeding by SSE's Seeding & Technical Panel


Date                       Venue                            Event 

Mar 2nd                 Castleford                  BUISC Finals                                                                                                                       Results  

Apr 16th                Pembrey                     SSW Club National                                                Invitation        Accept     Start      Results  

Apr 17th                Pembrey                     Excel Race                                                               Invitation        Accept     Start      Results 

Apr 23rd                Manchester               Telford Club National                                            Invitation        Accept     Start      Results   

Apr 24th                Manchester                Manchester Ski Racing Club National                Invitation        Accept     Start      Results     

Apr 30th                 Norwich                     GBR Outdoor Series Race 1 (SSE)                       Invitation        Accept     Start      Results  

May 1st                   Norwich                     GBR Outdoor Series Race 2 (SSE)                       Invitation        Accept     Start      Results   

May 7th                   Manchester               GBR Indoor Series Race 1 (SSW)                        Invitation        Accept    Start       Results   

May 8th                   Manchester               GBR Indoor Series Race 2 (SSW)                        Invitation        Accept                    Results   

May 14th                 Sunderland               Ravens Club National                                           Invitation        Accept/Start         Results  

May 15th                 Sunderland               NESA Club Race                                                     Invitation         Accept/Start        Results  

May 21st                 Norwich                     Norfolk Club National                                          Invitation         Accept    Start      Results 

May 22nd                Ipswich                       Vikings Club National                                          Invitation          Accept    Start      Results      

May 29th/30th      Landgraaf, NED       BASS Indoor Races                                                 Results Page    

June 4th                  Firpark                      Firpark Ski Slalom                                                  Invitation          Accept                   Results

June 5th                  Edinburgh                 LSRA Extra Special Slalom                                    Invitation         Accept                   Results  

June 5th                 Southampton             Snowsport South Club National                       Invitation         Accept    Start       Results    

June 11th               Hemel                         Hemel Club National                                           Invitation         Accept    Start       Results

June 12th               Mendip                        Avon & Western Counties CN                          Invitation        Accept     Start       Results  

June 18th               Brentwood                  ERSA Club National                                            Invitation         Accept                     Results

June 18th               Glasgow                      GBR Indoor Series Race 3 (SSS)                          Invitation        Accept                     Results      

June 19th               Glasgow                      Scottish Indoor Championships                         Invitation        Accept                     Results  

June 25th                Gloucester                Midland Club National                                         Invitation        Accept     Start       Results  

June 26th                Gloucester                Gloucester Club National                                    Invitation        Accept     Start       Results          CN Series Points after 11 races 

July 2nd                   Stoke                         GBR Outdoor Series Race 3 (SSE)                       Invitation        Accept     Start       Results            

July 3rd                   Stoke                          SSE Inter Regional Champs                                  Invitation       Accept                     Results  

July 9th                    Pontypool                  GBR Outdoor Series Race 4 (SSW)                    Invitation       Accept     Start       Results           Pro SL

July 10th                 Pontypool                   GBR Outdoor Series Race 5 (SSW)                    Invitation       Accept     Start       Results          GBR Outdoor Series Points - final

July 16th                 Castleford                  GBR Indoor Series Race 4 (SSE)                           Invitation      Accept      Start       Results   

July 17th                 Castleford                  GBR Indoor Series Race 5 (SSE)                           Invitation      Accept      Start       Results          GBR Indoor Series Points - final 

Aug 13th                 Manchester               Anglo Welsh Indoor Championships (SSE)        Invitation      Accept      Start       Results          Chill Factore Event Rules

Aug 14th                Manchester                British Indoor Championships (SSE)                   Invitation      Accept      Start       Results

Sept 3rd                  Gloucester                  All England Championships                                Invitation       Accept      Start       Results  

Sept 4th                  Gloucester                 SSE Inter Club Competition                                Invitation       Accept                      Results

Sept 3rd                   Edinburgh                  Scottish Championships - Slalom                      Invitation       Accept                      Results

Sept 4th                   Edinburgh                   Scottish Championships - Giant Slalom          Invitation       Accept                      Results    

Sept 10th                 Pontypool                  Welsh Championships                                         Invitation      Accept     Start        Results 

Sept 11th                 Pontypool                  British Championships                                        Invitation       Accept     Start        Results  

Sept 24th/25th      Landgraaf, NED          Lowland Indoor Championships (BASS)          Championship Page  

Oct 1st                     Dublin, IRE                  SCI International                                                   Invitation        Accept     Start        Results  

Oct 2nd                    Dublin, IRE                  Irish Open Championships                                  Invitation        Accept     Start        Results 

Oct 2nd                    Edinburgh                  LSRA Craig Macfie Classic                                      Invitation        Accept                     Results  

Oct 9th                     Castleford                  Lions Club National                                               Invitation        Accept     Start       Results  

Nov 5th                     Edinburgh                 BUSC Championships

Nov 26th                   Edinburgh                 LSRA Bairns & Lassies - unseeded race              Invitation       Accept                     Results  



Other Races

Feb 27th                 Pendle                           NW Schools  

Oct 8th                    Norwich                        English Schools Team Event  

Oct 9th                    Norwich                        English Schools Open Event 

Oct 9th                    Edinburgh                     Scottish Schools 

Oct 9th                    Llangranog                    Welsh Schools 

Nov 20th                 Gloucester                    British Schools