2014 British National Championships - Meribel, France     30th March - 7th April 2014

Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships - Meribel 2014

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Prize Winners:   NC & NJC                 Webcams:      Meribel     Meribel 2           

            Craig Macfie Foundation Award   


RESULTS:       Live Results & videos of each run - Vola Timing            FIS Results Page - including live timing        Live Results - ESF Meribel     

Sun     30th          Start      NC Super-G 

Mon   31st           Start     Downhill Training 

Tues  1st              Start      NC Downhill

Wed   2nd            Start       NJC Downhill

Thurs  3rd            Start       NJC Super-G 

                                             NC Super Combined  

Fri       4th             Start      NC Giant Slalom  

Sat      5th             Start       NC Slalom                    

Sun      6th            Start       NJC Slalom Women

                             Start        NJC Giant Slalom Men

Mon     7th           Start        NJC Giant Slalom Women  

                             Start         NJC Slalom Men